01 May 2007


Friends of mine may know that there is a song I cherish, borne of my days as a child in Miami during the early heyday of Dan Marino's tenure as a Miami Dolphin. We were taught this song in our elementary school music class:

Miami Dolphins,
Miami Dolphins,
Miami Dolphins Number One,
Hey! Hey! Hey!


The years since Dan the Man retired have been tough on the team, but I see hope in the form of a Cougar- John Beck. His selection with the 9th pick in the second round was part of a Miami master plan calculated to get them the players they wanted most. From Dave Hyde in the Sun-Sentinel:

Only four people had an idea. That was part of the stealth plan. As it began to unveil with the pick of Ted Ginn Jr., coach Cam Cameron was famously booed, ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr., called the Dolphins, "in a word, ridiculous," and Mueller alternated between text-messaging the next target in quarterback John Beck, trying furiously to trade up to get Beck and receiving a text message from his teenage daughter."Dad, I love Ginn," it read. "But you're going to need a bulletproof vest to get home."
By Monday afternoon, as he sat at the Dolphins' facility in a team sweatshirt, chuckling about that message, Mueller still sat in the epicenter of a national football debate over this Dolphins draft."We expected that," he said. "Cam and I knew exactly what the reaction would be [to passing on Quinn]."The booing? The name-calling? The coast-to-coast furor?"All of it," he said. "But that's how it had to be. We wouldn't encourage, discourage, lead or mislead anyone leading up to the draft. We could just stay mum about our plans."I would cringe whenever I turned on a TV and saw Beck being mentioned. I didn't want anyone talking about him at all. I didn't want any team to know what we thought of him and another team maybe taking him."

The article provides more information about the logic behind their picks. As a BYU fan, my biases may outweigh my ability to analyze this more clearly, but I am nothing but optimistic. Beck can throw the long ball and Ginn can run. Seems like a good marrriage.

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