28 November 2006

Demetri Martin

Someone recommended this clip and I thought it was hilarious. It is 4 minutes long, but it will make you laugh.

16 November 2006


Every year hundreds of people produce interesting projects. I love that YouTube provides an opportunity to share things like this.

This short little video is worth watching and has a sweet little ending, if a bit macabre.

13 November 2006

A More Proper Draw Out and Up

A county commissioner in Knox County, TN made news when he drew his weapon to defend himself last weekend. A man entered Greg "Lumpy" Lambert's auto dealership purportedly to buy a car, but later drew a pistol and threatened Lambert. Lambert awesomely defended himself (hoorary 2nd Amendment, and I urge you to click on the link for Lumpy's AWESOME picture.

06 November 2006

Tis the Season

It is the day before the midterm Congressional elections, so I will urge you to visit Right Wing Pundit, where my political viewpoints can be seen quite clearly.

If you just want to laugh about the state of political discourse, check out this column by Eric Snider:

MODERATOR: OK, then. Our first topic is the economy. It has gone up and down since George W. Bush was elected in 2000, and has suffered setbacks and enjoyed rebounds. What road is it on now? Improving? Worsening? What should be done next? Liberal, we start with you.
LIBERAL: Thank you. First, I want to make it clear that anything negative that has happened to the economy is Bush's fault, while anything positive is the result of things Clinton set in motion when he was in office.
MODERATOR: Interesting. Conservative, rebuttal?
CONSERVATIVE: I believe my esteemed opponent has it exactly backwards. The economy's successes have been because of Bush and in spite of Clinton, while the downturns have been entirely due to the liberal media's influence on the American people.

It made me laugh.

04 November 2006

Movie Trailer Update

I was scouting around and noticed a few trailers that I thought would be of interest:

Bee Movie: I'm a big fan of Jerry Seinfeld, and I was very glad to see that he is doing a movie. An animated film seems like a good choice. The trailer is unconventional, but humorous.

Evan Almighty: I was wondering how they could do a sequel to Bruce Almighty and make it seem fresh. This was an angle I hadn't expected, but it's a good one.

03 November 2006

Biff's Question Song

This is a funny song by the actor who played Biff on Back to the Future. He seems like a pretty cool guy, and I love that he names Gary Busey as a jerk.