30 April 2007

SPOTD E-mail #123

I'm going for brevity today. Lacy gave birth to a little girl last Thursday, Camilla Jane Lowry. We are calling her Millie, and she was 9lbs 14 oz and 22 inches long. Everything went well, and I've posted some pictures on the blog, so check out my new little lady.

Today's phrase:
From José Martí, the patron saint of the SPOTD.

Deben cultivarse en la infancia preferentemente los sentimientos de independencia y dignidad.

Phonetic with emphasis on bold syllable:
Day-bane cool-tee-var-say ain lah een-fahn-see-ah pray-fay-rain-tah-main-tay lows sain-tee-myen-toes day een-dee-pain-dain-see-ah ee deeg-nee-dahd.

The feelings of independence and dignity must be cultivated preferredly during childhood.

Good advice for any parent.

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Link of the Day
No video today. I've reworked the SPOTD website in an effort to simplify. Hopefully it means I will update stuff about the kids more consistently. Check it out at http://www.spotd.net/ for more.

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Lillie said...

Oh these pictures Joe.... these are GOOOOOOOD pictures. What a CUTIE!