30 August 2006


I just heard a truly inspiring story, about a man name Jim McLaren. He was the recipient of the Arthur Ashe Courage award at the 2005 ESPY's, and with good reason.

His website has a short but excellent video of what he has dealt with in his life, and he is a tremendous example of endurance.

Check it out.

17 August 2006

Some news is bad news

More trouble for London-based news agency Reuters. They have employed a reporter known to have a relationship with communist news outlets to report on a communist state.

Another blow to the illusion (mostly destroyed) of objectivism in the media. See NewsBusters for the scoop and complete rundown.

16 August 2006


The Spanish-speaking world has long been plagued by ineffective government. It is no surprise that much of that impotence has been a result of undemocratic and/or socialist policies. It has been gratifying to see the success of conservative candidates in Latin America, many on the basis of pro-democracy (Colombia) or pro-capitalism (Peru and Mexico) platforms.

Michael Barone has a nice piece on his blog about the status of affairs in Mexico since the contested victory of Calderon over the leftist Obrador Lopez. Since the election Calderon's support has actually increased, and he is now left with a great opportunity to put Mexico on better footing by supporting better policies on issues like immigration, as well as building on Fox's good decisions.

14 August 2006

Cuba's role in the Drug War

When you take a moment to think about it, nothing in this article is surprising. Cuba holds a strategic geographical advantage for drug smugglers. Castro hates America. Drugs hurt America, therefore Castro (Fidel or Raul, doesn't really matter) helped facilitate the passage of drugs into America. Pretty cut and dry.

Nor is it surprising that the Clinton Justice Department prevented Federal attorneys in Miami from making a case against Raul Castro. It is another example of Clintonite excellence.

12 August 2006


According the Cuban state officials, Castro is up and about. I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'd much rather have him dead and gone.

05 August 2006

Otra vez con Fidel

The left in this country, as well abroad, has a truly terrible record of support for Fidel Castro. This OpinionJournal piece explains how this has manifested over the last 40 years.

04 August 2006


I can't believe I haven't addressed this yet, but my trip to California and subsequent work has left me little time for blogging. Better late than never I guess.

I wanted to comment on two pieces, but first an introduction. Just so everyone knows, my mother is Cuban, having fled the country with her family shortly after the Bay of Pigs. I often spent time as a boy doodling battles between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. I think my anti-Communist credentials are pretty sound. As you can imagine, I have no love for Fidel. I would not consider his assasination immoral- it would be justice.

First a hopeful look at Raul, Fidel's brother and temporary(?) successor, from the WSJ.

I don't know that I agree with their assessment of Raul as reformer. I don't think he is that interested in helping the Cuban people in any material way. He has been known as Fidel's enforcer and their is blood on his hands. Perhaps he has moderated.

Peggy Noonan weighs in (with solid anti-commie credentials as well). Her position is to use this moment of transition to engage Cuba economically by removing the 40+ year trade embargo. I am no fan of the embargo. I feel it has long outlived its usefulness and welcome its removal. However, it is not a quick and easy solution.

As some pundits have mentioned (snippet found here) free exchange between Cuba and the U.S. will depend on Cuba's participation. Raul need not allow it. He might use it to shove the gesture right back in our faces. Nonetheless, sustaining the useless embargo would be worse.

As for my part, I do suspect Castro is dead or very close to it. Good riddance.

02 August 2006


This is a thoroughly hilarious video by Eddie Murphy and Michael Jackson. It is hard to tell if they are singing to each other or someone else.

If I was Eddie Murphy I would curse the day YouTube was created.