13 May 2007

Happy Mother's Day

This is a wonderful day to celebrate. I can tell you with certainty that motherhood is one tough job. Just getting those kids born is beyond anything I've experienced, so I have a lot of appreciation for the mothers in my life.

Obviously Lacy is tops on my list, and she is just the mother I would want for my children. I also have been blessed with my own wonderful mom, who has been a great example to me during my life. In married life I now have a fantastic mother-in-law, and in addition to these three ladies, there are many other mothers that make our lives so much better. So Happy Mother's day.

For the rest of you this is one of the funniest e-cards I've ever seen. You really need to follow the link. Really.

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Lacy said...

Thanks Joe. I love you too and I love your blog even though I don't keep up with it as much as you'ld like me to.