12 July 2012

Just the Facts

Regardless of your politics, Factcheck.org is a helpful scorekeeper of the various claims made during the election season. I will admit that I am happier when the opposing side is taken to task, as the Obama campaign recently was in their attack on Mitt Romney's business record.

Paterno's Failure

I have refrained from writing about the Sandusky case for a few reasons. First, I have an inherent distaste for the sensational and disturbing elements of this story, as do many of you. Second, I didn't feel like I had enough information to opine appropriately.

The release of an independent report on Penn State's handling of Sandusky provides me with enough objective information to feel able to comment. It leaves little doubt that various officials, Joe Paterno included, acted with "a callous and shocking disregard for child victims." This article from Dan Wetzel is a good place to get a synopsis of the report's findings.

I don't believe that Paterno's failure erases all of the good he has done. The ultimate judgement of his life is left to those more qualified and deserving. I am left with an inescapable feeling that his ultimate legacy should be forever tarnished. I didn't want this to be the outcome of the report. I wanted Paterno to have acted appropriately, but to have failed to protect children is a grave misdeed.

My hope is that this case, and its attendant publicity, will serve as a powerful and lasting object lesson should similar situations arise in the future. Nothing is more important than providing for the safety and welfare of children. It is a basic, God-given responsibility.

07 July 2012

Awesome Video Saturday CC

This is an amusing commercial for VirginMobilAustralia, starring Brad Pitt's brother.
 I guess this edition would more appropriately be called "Amusing Video Saturday."

06 July 2012

Who's Afraid of Mormons?

This is an interesting interview with Cristine Hutchison-Jones, who chose to do her doctrinal dissertation on the origins of modern prejudice against Mormons.

As a Mormon, I found her conclusions very reasonable. It certainly validates the recent efforts of the Church to humanize our members through the "I am a Mormon" campaign. I've created my own page, and enjoy some of the videos that the Church has produced.

The video below is about a Mormon comedian that I have followed for some time on Twitter. She works for The Daily Show.

05 July 2012

A Designer's Death

As someone whose awareness of automobiles emerged in the late 1980's and early 1990's, I recall a debated about three "supercars." Among people my age, it was common to declare allegiance to Ferrari, Porsche, or Lamborghini. I am and have always been a Ferrari Guy.

Most of the cars that I have loved were styled by Italian design house Pininfarina. Sergio Pinifarina died last night, and it is a sad thing for lovers of beautiful cars. Some of their great designs are shown here and here. Hopefully his legacy, and that of his father, will continue.