12 May 2007

Music Time

Over the years I have received various music recommendations as well as given them. Two of my friends have been particularly consistent recommenders, Scott Williams and Lisa Chau. I have never been steered wrong by them, and a few recent tips (actually not that recent, but that I recently acted upon) have been quite good.

Lisa recommended Death Cab for Cutie over two years ago, and I finally bought their 2005 release Plans. It's a great album, with a lot of melancholy tunes, but also some more upbeat choices. At the same time she had also recommended Snow Patrol, but it only took me about a year to buy it.

Scott, among other things, recommended The Killers' second album Sam's Town and Arcade Fire's Neon Bible. I enjoyed many of the tracks from The Killers first release and have really liked the second one, which has an arena rock feel. Their music incorporates many of the elements that made '80's music great.

Arcade Fire is a really cool band from Quebec. They have some pretty interesting instrumentals. I'm still getting a feel for their music, but it is different and what I've heard I really like. It also has more of a "live" feel to it. I also recommend both of these albums.

The SPOTD is always looking for good recommendations to pass along.

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Anonymous said...

You're in luck. I have good taste in music. Love Arcade Fire. Among my favorite songs: Rebellion (Lies), Intervention, Windowsill.

Also check out some more of my favorite bands and favorite songs:

Sufjan Stevens. He's got a really great sound. Favorite songs: Casimer Pulaski Day, Chicago, That Dress Looks Nice on You.

The Shins. Love "New Slang"

The Postal Service "Nothing Better"

M. Ward: "Chinese Translation"

Dar Williams: Love all her stuff.