03 May 2007

Site Update

You may have noticed that I've updated the look of the blog. I wanted to make it more consistent with the look of the rest of the SPOTD website. Let me know if you hate/love it.

I wanted to post some more pictures of Joseph & Millie, and also mention that I will update their page on the website tomorrow afternoon.

Things are going great with the baby and her big brother is being very good to her as well. Here he is proclaiming the greatness of Brigham Young University:

What a life for this little gal:

My three favorite people:

I have a lot of great stuff for the blog tomorrow. Don't be shy.


Lillie said...

All really good pictures. Did you guys get a new camera or something? Joseph looks like SUCH a big boy. Isn't it crazy how non-baby they are now? Millie is just cuter and cuter in every picture. I love her. :)

Lacy, is your hair long enough for a pony???

Kira said...


Little joey looks like all the pictures we have of Matt belching. The ones where he is burping in a pose. I loughted when I saw this.

Lacy, what is a pony?

Chris said...

Lillie, I took the picture of Joey.
Justin, a pony is a ponytail. As the BrotheroftheSPOTD I figured I would help answering any questions.