21 December 2011

Violence in Syria

There are reports of continuing conflict in Syria, this time involving the deaths of hundreds of people. If reports are correct this continues a shameful episode in the rule of Syria's Assad. Our silence on the subject is shameful.

This picture says a lot about the situation there. I don't believe it is photoshopped. I also don't think it reflects the sentiments of all anti-Assad Syrians. I'm not advocating military intervention in Syria, but I would like to see us take a more active role in pressuring the Syrian government on behalf of protestors.

Germs on a Plane

The Wall Street Journal has a frightening article on germs in airplanes and airports. It left me feeling like air travelers have almost no chance of avoiding illness.

One of their suggestions? Move seats if you are sitting by a sickly passenger. Have any of you flown on a plane lately with much extra space? Most of my travel on planes is 4+ hours long. It seems like those flights tend to be more full, so keeping my (less than 3 ounce) container of Purell seems like the way to go.

20 December 2011

Early Giving

Here is the first theatrical trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. Merry Christmas-

17 December 2011

Awesome Video Saturday CLXXXV

I thought 2009's G.I. Joe was a pretty lousy movie. This trailer, for the upcoming sequel, looks pretty great.

Do they really kill Duke?

08 December 2011

Rick Perry "Dumb"

Rick Perry's latest campaign ad, "Strong," is a perfect example of why we should all be happy that he has little-to-no chance of winning the Republican nomination:

It seems a bit desperate, playing to some of the basest fears, implying that our military, full of openly-serving gays, is related to the erosion of religious freedom in schools.

If someone is willing to take up arms in defense of their country, their sexuality is not a concern of mine, unless it becomes a detriment to their work. This is true of heterosexuals as well.

I thought this was a pretty hilarious skewering of Perry's poor analogy, from Lucas Kavner in the Huffington Post.

03 December 2011

Awesome Video Saturday CLXXXIV

Since the only thing I seem to have the will to post these days are videos, here is one that made me smile. I like it because the guy seems to be having fun and bothering no one. I don't mind these kinds of wacky displays, and they generally cheer people up.