27 March 2012

Health Law in Peril

Based on the opinion expressed in this article, and an interview I listened to on NPR, it seems that the individual mandate included in the President's health care law is in real danger.

This is shocking to many of the law's supporters, who seem to have overlooked that a well-intentioned law could run contrary to the Constitution by extending Federal power beyond it's legal limit. Even if the law fulfils what they see as a moral obligation of government, this does not make it constitutional.

Of course, by the time the Court issues its opinion in the fall, they could uphold the mandate and all this become moot.

24 March 2012

Awesome Video Saturday CXCII

Two-year old kid dancing. Nothing else need be said.

12 March 2012


Here are a few things that I found interesting today-

11 March 2012


So BYU is in the tourney, but in a play-in game against Iona. I'm not terribly surprised. One bracket I saw had us as high as a twelve seed, which seemed generous given our very uneven play this year.

I guess you look for some kind of motivation in a thing like this, and perhaps a feeling of being underestimated will work to our advantage. Time to play like you want it.

If you are interested in doing a bracket, I set up my annual group on ESPN.com. The password is "spotd"

10 March 2012

Awesome Video Saturday CXCI

In light of the upcoming March Madness, here is one funny story from one of the most storied rivalries in the game-

09 March 2012

Regulation Disorientation

This article was published in The Economist a few weeks ago. It is a very solid critique of our current, governmental regulatory regime. Bottom line? It's a mess.

I find it ironic that The Economist this, having acted as very outspoken proponents of President Obama, his health care plan, and initiatives like Cap and Trade. A little buyer's remorse?

I have long held that the regulatory morass is a major reason behind the sluggishness of our economic recovery. Even if the economy improves by the November election, it will have less to do with the president's policies and more to do with the innovation endemic in our economic engine.

In fairness, the bad regulation is nothing new, and not unique to either party, but the buck stops at the top.

03 March 2012

Awesome Video Saturday CXC

Sometimes hilarious, sometimes painful- Golfcart Fail Compilation: