23 May 2007


Lost was incredible tonight. The season finale blew my mind. I don't even know where to begin, or where next season will take us. I won't release any spoilers for those who may not have watched it yet, but I would love to hear some theories about what is to come. This link is to a TV Guide story about why a major character died tonight. Don't read it unless you want to know.

I have a video for you. The backstory: My friends Justin & Kira host a weekly Lost viewing party. As we have small children, we rarely could attend. For the finale I decided that it would be fun to make a little video to get everyone in the mood, even though I wouldn't be there. That was the inspiration for the video. I delivered it by setting off my Justin's car alarm so he would see it on his car. Then they popped it in the DVD player and meanwhile I snuck in the back of the house to scare them at the video's conclusion. Only Justin knew fully what to expect, and I was able to get everyone going pretty well. Don't watch if the gallon challenge offends you. It was fun for us. Enjoy:

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Lillie said...

So they have no speakers- and their lap top is the church's and blocks youtube-- so I just watched your freaky video with no sound... not sure if it was freakier that way or not. Pretty darn freaky Joe- Lacy must be proud.

Yeah what a finale... I think I dreamed about it all night. Sophia slept in this morning so I layed in bed for like 45 minutes thinking about it and what next season is going to give us. Hmmm.