21 February 2012

Obama & Vacation

I disagree with the President in many ways, on many things.

I don't care if he and his family go on vacation.

I am concerned about the expense to taxpayers, as I would be about any public official, but the Obama's have resources. They have the flexibility. They want their girls to travel? Fine by me. In the interest of encouraging economic activity, I welcome it.

I don't think he is a good president, but his failures are not due to his vacation choices. This is a sideshow issue, and not worthy of significant focus.

18 February 2012

Awesome Video Saturday CLXXXIX

A speech to end all speeches!

Take that President Obama! In case you hadn't seen it, that video is a few years old.

I think he took his oratorial style from this great episode of The Office:

07 February 2012

Pot Calling Kettle

The other day I responded to a Facebook post written by an old High School contact. My response was unexpected, and I failed to follow a few rules of common courtesy that might have prevented any hard feelings, so overall the exchange was unsatisfying.

The reason I commented was that a quote from a Democratic Party leader implied that the DNC & Obama's choice to spurn PAC and Super-PAC money in the upcoming General Election was indicative of the righteousness of their party, candidate, and ideology.

I disagreed, and said as much. It was not well-received.

What are we to make of this news? From CNN's Political Ticker blog:

Obama campaign to support super PAC fundraising

Obviously, it puts the lie to Obama's holier-than-thou approach to super-PAC's in the past.
I wouldn't have had a problem with this strategy had he, and his surrogates, not staked out a philosophical basis for refusing to participate in this way.

06 February 2012

Limited RAM

I was rocking my youngest son while feeding him his bedtime bottle. Somehow it made me think of something I have become very good at (maintaining my improved physical fitness) and all of the things I am not nearly as good at (list too long to write).

It made me wonder about our capacity to improve. Is it limited? What limits it? Can we become excellent at many things? Or are most of us limited to one or maybe two?

Think about great performers who excel in professions but fail in personal pursuits. Personally, I think we can be excellent in many things, but it can be exceedingly difficult.

Here's to trying.