29 September 2014

The Power of Service

A while during our weekly Family Home Evening (FHE), which is a special time set aside for sharing, learning, and fun. We had some really nice discussions, with Millie sharing a nice story with us.

We usually have a treat at the end of FHE, and while we were doing that had some more time to talk. Lacy told me that Millie had resolved a situation at school where a girl in her class was not being very nice to her. At Lacy's suggestion, Millie shared some candy with her and told her that she would like to be her friend. Today they talked at lunch and now they are friends.

I asked Millie how she would deal with a similar situation in the future, and her answer was "Share my candy?"

I told her that sharing her candy was an example of serving other people. I was grateful that Millie could see the impact of service on how someone viewed her. I believe that by serving others, we serve God. Even if our motives were as simple as hers. Even if they aren't entirely pure, such as a little girl trying to win the favor of another, doing kindness to others can hardly be seen as a bad thing, and can often change someone's heart. 

28 September 2014

Primary Programs

The  children's Sunday School in our church is called "The Primary." Once a year, the primary takes over the group worship service (sacrament meeting) to provide music, scripture, and testimony. Today was that day, and it did not disappoint.

I have always loved children, and this is usually one of my favorite sacrament meetings during the year. The kids are cute and talented. Sometimes a younger one does something wacky that provides some humor. 

Today I was moved by the spirit that I felt during the program, especially while they sang. Or maybe I should say that I was moved by the Spirit that I felt.

I enjoy reason and logic, and they are part of my daily life and work, but they are not the basis of my faith. My faith is based on repeated experiences where I have felt the influence of God through the Holy Ghost. I felt that same influence today, while the children sang sweet and simple songs about the plan that our Heavenly Father has for us.

It is my belief and testimony that God does have a plan, and that each of us can play an important role if we are receptive to the message and faithful to the witness(es) that we receive.

Today's program had a simple theme: "Families are Forever." That is the blessing that I aspire to most of all, that I can live with my family, forever, in the presence of God. This is the highest goal of His Plan, and I am grateful for the many children that shared that with us today.

02 September 2014

Defender of the Faith

I recently read a really wonderful obituary. The love of this individual's family was evident, and I couldn't help but mourn with them in their loss. I had never met this person, but learned important things about her through their remembrance. Foremost was love of family, but something else stood out:

A lifelong Catholic, she was a staunch defender of her church and her faith.

What a great tribute. I hope that people can say that of me, that I was a staunch defender of my faith.

I believe in absolute truth, and that truth comes from God. This is increasingly unpopular in some circles. I don't think it's a stretch to say that moral relativism is more and more common. It is very unfashionable to say that what I believe is correct, not just for me, but for everybody.

For me, this is part of being a defender of my faith. To defend my faith and belief in absolute truth does not mean that I or anyone else can take away someone else's right to make choices about how they live their life. Not everyone understands this, and some take their beliefs to immoral ends, as in Syria. None of that should change how I defend my faith, so I will do my best to continue.