27 October 2014


I've done a poor job of keeping to my resolution to write a weekly post, so this is my attempt at repentance.

One of the unique aspects of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the volunteer nature of so many jobs in the Church. We have no paid clergy, so regular members are called upon to serve in a wide variety of roles, including sunday school teacher and youth leader. Members even serve in pastoral roles, such as bishop, and with that role comes the responsibility to care for a congregation of church members. 

Recently, my Church responsibility changed. I had been serving as a counselor to our bishop. I was asked to serve in a role called High Councilor. This means I will represent our Stake President, who oversees all of the congregations in a given area, as assigned and when needed.

My primary assignment is to work with a Spanish-speaking congregation in Ocala, which I am looking forward to very much. I spent most of my missionary service in a similar setting, and I love working with my Latin brothers and sisters in sharing the gospel.

I share this to provide my witness that God works with and through man today. We believe that these different responsibities, or callings, are given through inspiration from God. We are then able to participate in the Lord's work and He blesses us for every small effort that we make.