24 May 2007

Cooling on Warming

I've been collecting some interesting articles on one of my pet issues, climate change. I'll just run through them one at a time:

  • The National Post of Canada asks the following question: "How did An Inconvenient Truth become required classroom viewing?" It is being shown in many schools, which is only a bad thing if there is no discussion accompanying the movie's assertions. If you click the link above you'll find articles that the Post has compiled of Global Warming critics. Worth a look.
  • Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma has been a consistent critic of Gore's Global Warming crusade. His office compiled a list of scientists who have reveresed their position on Climate Change.
  • This article is a little older, but the gist is that we only have about 5 years left to save the planet. That is ridiculous. This is a quote from WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) UK head Keith Allot: "We can slash carbon emissions and meet global energy demand without resorting to the red herring of nuclear power." He thinks we can do that within five years. I think that's "allot" of basura.

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