30 October 2010


I am sitting in Atlanta waiting for a plane home to Gainesville. I was at a conference during part of last week and caught an 11:50 flight so that I could be home for some Halloweening today. Hopefully I won't catch an overnight flight again for a long while. There is a kind of desperation to the experience, as no position seems comfortable for very long. The sleep I did get was enough to leave me feeling very alert at 7:41 AM. We'll see how long I make it today.

On an unrelated note, I have had a Twitter account for some time, but have used it to follow certain people, rather than tweet much on my own. I am going to change that, so feel free to follow me if you desire- here I am.

27 October 2010

Less for More

This is a few days old, but I wanted to comment here on H-P's iPad rival

H-P's Slate 500 tablet can be bought on the company's website for $799—above the price of most iPads, which range in price from $499 to $829, depending on storage space and wireless connectivity.

I don't think that this new tablet will perform poorly from a sales perspective, but it is smaller, more expensive, and lacks built-in broadband capability. I think this hurts it's use as a business device, and given its ability to run Windows, seems more likely to cannibalize laptop sales.

I continue to be very happy with my iPad.

Hope for Change

The former president of Argentina, Nestor Kirchner, died after a heart attack. I'm sorry for his family, but hopeful for Argentina. Hopefully this will weaken the power of his Chavista wife, the current president Cristina Kirchner.

26 October 2010


I thought this was a fantastic explanation of why the spending policies of Obama, and the additional spending urged by people like the NYT's Paul Krugman, is a very bad idea.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been very expensive, but they have an end point (we hope). Major entitlements will not.

23 October 2010

Awesome Video Saturday CXLVIII

A few months ago Wes Skiles died accidentally, while diving off the coast of Florida. He was a great guy, and this video was put together as a tribute for The Jacksonville Film Industry Reception. He shot all of the video, including the musicians.

21 October 2010

Max Hall's Chance

A few weeks ago I mentioned an article by SI's Peter King where he made some favorable comments about Max Hall. Hall is now the starting Quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals and this is a nice write-up from ESPN.

I'll root for Hall's success, but don't have any real connection to the Cardinals and don't plan on rooting for a team besides the Dolphins. I do hope he does well.

18 October 2010

Mistakes do Happen

Joseph was speaking the other day to my Tia Elena. He told her that he was 5 1/4. She may have misheard him, and asked if he was 5 1/2. He said, "No, 5 1/4. That's okay, mistakes do happen."

He can be very understanding.

16 October 2010


We have enjoyed a new restaurant near our house, Sabore (Sah-bore-ay). We have probably only tried 25% of the menu, and almost everything we have tasted we've loved. The menu features small plates, a huge variety of flavors, and latin and asian influences.

My favorite dishes have been the churrasco, mahi, yucca, and empanadas. We also had an appetizer called arangina and a mango cheesecake that was fantastico.

It has a nice vibe and great service. It is worth a visit.

Awesome Video Saturday CXLVII

I think these Egyptian cheese ads are hilarious.

12 October 2010

True Story?

I think this story is a true one. In a fascinating story published in Sports Illustrated, a former sports agent shares his experience. It includes numerous violations of NCAA regulations and specific examples of payments made to players.

A friend who read said it was not surprising, but still shocking. I agree.

09 October 2010

Awesome Video Saturday CXLVI

Pretty clever spoof. Saw it making the Facebook rounds today.

06 October 2010

Mothership Down

When I am driving, I will usually listent to sports talk radio. My favorite show, by a large margin, is the Dan Patrick Show. The show and crew are entertaining and there are always great guests. Patrick is a great interviewer and is not afraid to ask specific and potentially controversial questions.

I also enjoy his critiques of ESPN, which has become so self-important and lost a great deal of its credibility.

This is an article that talks about how he came to be where he is today, on the verge of launching a syndicated tv show of his radio program. I plan to check it out.

Politics Over Policy?

The WSJ had an editorial today that observes how politicians are using procedural methods to prevent simple up/down votes on important presidential appointees. In both cases, one blocked by Republicans and the other by Democrats, the interests of a few senators are taken precedent over the needs of the nation.

This is not a new issue, but still frustrating for those concerned with good governance.

02 October 2010

Awesome Video Saturday CXLV

This is the trailer for the new Harry Potter film. I'm ready.

01 October 2010

Friday Night

The Cougs are killing me tonight. I know we are injury-depleted, but it is still a bummer to be playing this way at Utah State. The Aggie coach needs to learn where the sideline is.

Two weeks ago I texted my friend Matt that I hoped BYU would learn to tackle sometime this season. Still waiting.

I like what I've seen so far from true freshman Jake Heaps. He sometimes forces the ball, or throws into coverage, but he has a strong arm and pretty good accuracy. He's made some costly errors, such as the interception that JUST happened. Strange throw. I think this one is out of reach at this point. Despite his errors, Heaps has me optimistic for the future.

As for this year? I'm going to the BYU-Colorado State game. I thought it might be a gimme, but this year? Wish I knew for sure. But I'll be at a game with good friends, so it will be a good time. Better than tonight I hope.