28 September 2008

Turf Turmoil

Miami lost on a last-second touchdown. The Gators lost on a blocked extra point. USC lost to middle-of-the-pack Oregon State. Georgia lost to a resurgent Alabama. Wisconsin lost to Michigan. Quite the weekend.

The best part? Idle BYU climbed to #7 in the Coaches poll and #8 in the AP! To be in this position so early in the season is unprecedented in the BCS era. Stewart Mandel in SI.com posits that this could possibly lead to BYU appearing in the championship game:

It's time to face a once-unimaginable reality: An undefeated non-BCS team could, for the first time, play for the BCS championship.
No previous party-crasher has received even cursory consideration for the title game, the assumption being that even an undefeated Mountain West or WAC team does not have the same credentials as a one-loss team from one of the major conferences. But no previous such team has ever risen this high, this fast, either. Five weeks into the 2004 season, undefeated Utah was 11th in the polls. On Oct. 1, 2006, Boise State hadn't yet made it out of the 20s. Hawaii was 18th when the first BCS standings were released on Oct. 14 last season.
Mandel also points out how BYU could miss out on this scenario. I have to think that will be the more likely outcome. Right now they need to run the table and put the hurt on the Utes. I'll be happy with that.


Lillie said...

Joe-- I love your Y-pride. I just had a vision of when we're older and our kids are older and we need to brainwash them all in the ways of the Y and we can all meet at a game here and there.

Are you in?

Jlowryjr said...

Yes. Yes I am. Joseph knows to say "Go Cougars!"

And going to a game is a much easier sell if involves seeing you guys.