04 September 2008

Football, Football, Football

Tonight is the start of the pro football season and also begins the 2nd week of the college football season.

My most anticipated weekend activity will be when Miami comes to Gainesville to play the Gators. I will be attending the game (where Miami is a 21 point underdog) but I am excited to see the Canes in my now-hometown. I think they will put in a solid performance, though I can't in sound mind predict a win. You never know. I am happy to see them in fighting spirit, although these words will surely be used against them if they fail.

My alma mater faces Washington this Saturday. It will be our chance to beat a non-conference team at their stadium during the regular season for the first time since 2002. This very important if BYU is to succeed in its "Quest for Perfection." Last week they had some trouble with a far inferior team. Hopefull the week 1 problems have been addressed.

Tonight's NFL game is the Giants versus the Redskins. I don't particularly care about either team, but I was proven wrong in my earlier predictions of Eli's failure as a quarterback. Even if he has a mediocre season, he has a ring and did what he had to when it counted.

My cousin-in-law J.R. Reed plays safety for the Eagles. He is a nice guy and has not had an easy road in his football career:

During the 2005 off-season, Reed was chasing his dog, tried to hurdle a fence, and ended up tearing the peroneal nerve in his left foot. A person with drop foot cannot lift the foot, and Reed has little or no feeling on the side of his left leg as well. Neither condition bodes well for an athlete.
"The doctors told me I would never play again," he said. "I kind of invented a brace. It took me two years to get used to it, but now I just play football. I was determined to play. It came down to hard work and believing in yourself when no one else did."

He is playing and I hope he has a chance to shine this year.

Good luck to the Canes, Cougs, and J.R.!

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