16 September 2008

La Ciudadanía (Citizenship)

Today one of my best friends, Walmir Da Costa, becomes a U.S. citizen. He was born in Brasil, lived in Venezuela, and has been in the states for the last 15 years. Although he may never root for US soccer more fervently than he does for Brasil's team, I know he is excited about this event, and we're excited for him.

I was able to attend the swearing in. It was a small group, nine people,  but also a very diverse one. It was exciting for these folks to reach this point. The folks at the Immigration office gave everyone a packet which includes voter registration forms. 
It is a credit to our country that the right to vote is only for citizens. This was a group which will likely embrace this right. That's good for America.

I thought this video from Craig Ferguson was appropriate. Ferguson also recently became a citizen and is pretty excited about the right to vote. It's a long monologue.

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