19 September 2008

Cuba's Katrina?

This is a round-up of info regarding the situation in Cuba after the multiple storms that have hit the island:

  • Castro is playing games with foreign aid, as this Investor's Business Daily editorial illustrates.
  • Babalu highlights the experience of a British couple that was vacationing on the island during Ike:
    COUPLE from Knutsford were barricaded in a Cuban hotel restaurant for nine hours after a hurricane hit their holiday resort.
    Nic Casey and Paul Dootson also had to manage on food rations and without running water as the island of Cayo Coco was cut off from the mainland in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike last week.
    For four days she was unable to contact her family to let them know she was safe.
    She described how she had caught snippets about an imminent hurricane on Spanish-speaking news channels before official word came from the hotel. “We’d been out on the beach and we came back to the room to get ready for dinner and a computer print-out had been put under the door saying a hurricane was coming,” she said.
    “It said we should go to dinner as normal and not have anything to drink and then to go back to our rooms.”
    . . .
    “We were not happy with the way they treated us,” said Nic, who landed at Manchester Airport on Sunday.
Nothing like the communist paradise.

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Sportsattitude said...

The situation in Cuba was particularly disturbing to watch as the storm blew through, knowing that the government would take care of a select few, letting the nation's people (and guests apparently) fend for themselves.