07 September 2008

Miami v. UF thoughts: 1 Day Later

I'm still okay with yesterday's game. Miami played hard, clean, and came so close. That's the part that gets me a little bit disappointed with the outcome. We were so close to giving the Gators an absolutely soul-crushing upset loss.

This year it was not meant to be. After 6 straight wins previous to yesterday's game I've decided that you can't be greedy.

Some quick hits:
Now I'll have to listen to the fans here until 2013. Hopefully we can add another ring before then.

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Sportsattitude said...

A lot of controversy about Florida running up the score at the end of the game, with Miami HC Randy Shannon and Florida QB Tim Tebow exchanging barbs in the media. Shame these schools don't play every year like the should. Great rivalry. Indeed, Miami played hard and impressed me very much. They are on the right track. Patience in Miami will be rewarded.