26 January 2007

SPOTD E-mail on the Web (#115)

I will continue my new plan and post this e-mail on the SPOTD blog. I am investigating a way to host the blog on my Spanish Phrase of the Day website, and that would simplify things too.

As always, check out Right Wing Pundit for my ultra-liberal commentary.

Today's phrase:
From Benjamin Franklin:

La puerta de la sabiduría nunca está cerrada.

Phonetic with emphasis on bold syllable:
Lah pwair-tah day lah sah-bee-durr-ee-ah noon-kah ace-stah say-rrah-dah.

The door to wisdom is never closed.

The Illusionist
I saw The Prestige a few months ago and really enjoyed it. It came out around the same time as The Illusionist, which I hadn't seen until last weekend. I was very pleased. I'd assumed that The Prestige was the better film and lumped them together but The Illusionist was a different sort of movie and one we enjoyed very much.

This is a list of Guitar World Magazine's 100 best guitar solos. Number one is not big surprise, and I was pleased to see one of my favorites, Slash on November Rain.

Andrew Card, former Chief of Staff for President Bush, offers some interesting insights into the world of Fast-food management. It piqued my interest.

These are some cool pictures from the upcoming Michael Bay film, Transformers. I am quite excited about the movie, and the design for Optimus Prime gives me a good vibe.

Gilbert Arenas is an NBA player and entertains off the court with his candid comments. In response to being cut from the US Olympic Team he has done his best to perform against the coaching staff that he feels wronged him. His latest boast is an entertaining one.

American Idol
Lacy & I love American Idol. The audition episodes do have some flaws, but that is due more to the producers that pre-select contestants and the editors that put the episode together. It's not the judges fault, despite what we might hear or thing.
On last Wednesday's episode there was an audition with a girl who was wearing a cowboy hat. She was pretty upset, and It was like being at a friends house as a little kid and they mouth off to their parents or get in trouble and you just sit there thinking "I don't want to be here," except that with American Idol you sort of do.

Link of the Day
Speaking of American Idol, one of the best performers in last week's shows was a guy by the name of Sundance Head. Interestingly, his father Roy Head has a number one hit in the 60's. He was dethroned by The Beatles Yesterday, but his was a tune that you will recognize when you see the chorus.
Watch this guy move. He does some crazy stuff.

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Lillie said...

I can't say I share your excitement for Transformers, but we saw the Illusionist last week and really liked it and we are DEFINITELY with you on American Idol. We declared a tie in entertainment value between soap opera chick,and psycho red cowboy hat "I want to be the first American Idol who can't sing!" chick. We also got a kick out of the Rocky chick whose pants were already below her bum crack STANDING up!