18 January 2007


This post was inspired by a comment I made to Lacy tonight:

"The Lowry's have been freezing and reheating pancakes for decades."

Pancakes are a big part of my family. For many years we ate pancakes every week, and the Lowry recipe has some special ingredients, so it became a part of the family fabric. This has been a new thing for Lacy, but it's also taught her some things about this favorite food:

  • Cottage Cheese make pancakes taste better.
  • You can freeze pancakes for weeks, and then reheat them in the microwave and they taste just as good.
  • Joseph III will eat pancakes when I give them to him. It's a Joe thing.
  • When I was 12 or 13 I ate 18 pancakes in one sitting (a family record that I don't want to break, though I've been close many times).

Important stuff. Writing this post was Lacy's idea.


Lillie said...

Your family must be so proud of your record Joe. Were they like normal size, or little silver dollar?... either way, very impressive. I do especially enjoy eating when we're with you guys...the fact that it's practically sport to you might explain why.

rachelle said...

I still don't get the cottage cheese thing. Sour cream, I sorta understand, but the cottage cheese just kills my brain.

Chris finally convinced me to let him make the pancakes next time around.

Lillie said...

Do you know how often I check your blog? I must have this pancake one memorized. Will you give me some new Joe Lowry entertainment?! Something say at the Taco Town level.