09 January 2007

New SPOTD Headquarters

I wanted to post some pictures of our new house that is currently being constructed here in Gainesville. I tried to provide a few glimpses of the process, from the pile of dirt to the almost completed exterior.

The aforementioned pile of dirt.

The small-looking concrete slab.

The house starts to take shape.

The study with Lacy's desired bay window.

The kitchen (our favorite room).

Getting closer. We hope to be in the house sometime in March, allowing us to settle in before the arrival of Little Girl Lowry.


Lillie said...

So Joe-- how about those pictures?... The ones you said you'd post during the game. I'm waiting.

And about the youtube thing. I'm pretty sure I did what you're describing. I copied and pasted the code. It's just that when I publish it to my blog it's so wide it bumps my sidebar (on the old template.) You don't shrink it or anything? And you haven't had a problem with your sidebar?

Anonymous said...

I love the kitchen! The brown walls against the white cabinets are beautiful!

rachelle said...

WHOA!!! There's paint AND counters!!! Quite an improvement. And, that's definitely a pretty color outside (and not as green as I anticipated from Lacy's description).