08 January 2007

Gators Win!

Allow me to feel a bit of pride in my predictive ability, although I never expected the Gators to be SO dominant. Yesterday I mentioned that Florida did indeed have a strong running game, albeit an unconventional one.

I found the coverage by FOX to be inferior in many respects, and thought that the commentators were guilty of drinking the media Kool-Aid of Ohio State's dominance. So much for the talk of a Michigan-Ohio State rematch. So much for the talk of USC being the best team in the country. Florida absolutely manhandled this team, this much-praised Buckeye squad, and I loved every minute of it. I still haven't forgotten Miami-Ohio State 2003.

A few conclusions from this college season:

  • Neither Troy Smith or Brady Quinn are the best player or Quarterback in the country. John Beck of BYU deserves some mention in the QB category, as does LSU's Jemarcus Russell.
  • The Big 10 continues to be an overrated conference.
  • Urban Meyer is one heck of a coach. Spurrier who?
  • The Sports media doesn't know any more than the rest of us.
  • College Football is the best, most exciting sport in the land!

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Lillie said...

Congratulations! We were excited for you in our household.