12 January 2007

SPOTD E-mail on the Web (#114)

I've decided to start posting the SPOTD on the SPOTD blog concurrent with sending it out by e-mail. So you can also visit Spanish Phrase of the Day to read it. I hope you would visit anyway as there are a lot of interesting things. You can see pictures of my new house (under construction), stuff about the football game, and a hilarious video, Taco Town.

Check out Spanish Phrase of the Day for new pictures of Joseph, and soon a new video. I have also written some things on Right Wing Pundit, although with less frequency. The political arena mostly frustrates me these days. But please check it out if you are into the politico.

Today's phrase:
From Napoleon Bonaparte

La victoria pertenece a quien persevera más.

Phonetic with emphasis on bold syllable:
Lah veek-tore-ee-ah pear-tay-nay-say ah kyen pear-say-vay-ray mahs.

Victory belongs to this that persevere the most.

The Game
I was pleased with the Gator's victory on Monday night and wrote about it on the SPOTD blog. Luke Winn of SI.com goes into how impressive the win was.
I also enjoyed this recap of different comments made on college football by Steward Mandel. I like a writer who can admit their mistakes.
On the NFL side I'm pulling for the Chargers. San Diego is my West Coast home after all.

Honoring the Fallen
On Right Wing Pundit I talked about a Marine that lost his life in Iraq when he jumped on a grenade, saving his comrades from serious injury. For this act of bravery he was awarded the Medal of Honor. The following picture was taken of the President during the presentation.

The Perfect Human
At least that's the name of the article. The man profiled is some kind of mutant runner, and he did 50 marathons in 50 days. Some kind of feat.

The Astronaut Farmer
I hope this movie is a good one. Despite a WMD dig, this is just my kind of Saturday afternoon matinee.

Link of the Day
Today's link(s) is a real winner. Some time ago (and you may already have seen it) a Yale grad sent resumes and a video to investment firm UBS AG. He was pretty effusive in self-praise. The video is 6 minutes of pure unintentional comedy.
Apparently much of what Vayner claims is untrue. That's not hard to believe. His Wikipedia page provides further insight.
What prompted me to make this the Link of the Day is this parody video with Michael Cera, best known as George Michael Bluth on Arrested Development. If you have seen the real one you will love this one.

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Lillie said...

Just wanted you to know I just checked all of your upates on the Spanish Phrase of the Day. I really like reading the things you write, and I really want to see a new video of Joseph. He's so vocal, I bet he's already saying so much more than when we saw him.