13 January 2007

Joseph's New Video

I'm pleased to have another video of Joseph to show. He is almost 18 months old.

The video is in a few segments. The first is of Joseph dancing to the Wiggles. Watch him and you'll see how he tries to do the motions, which he has picked up on his own. In the second segment he does his best to catch the camera.


Lillie said...

I LOVE it. Was he actually putting his finger to his mouth for the shh shh shh. And who's Lalo, I swear I heard a shout out in there a few times for him from Joseph. I'm already excited to see him in July... oh that sounds so far away. Thanks for sending out a little bit of him. He's SOOO dang cute, especially when he talks. I think he's gonna be a talker like you Joe.

rachelle said...

Let me just tell you, Chris and I watched that video a few times last night and we couldn't stop laughing. Too adorable.