08 June 2009


I have enjoyed every Pixar film. They survive countless viewings (which we have enjoyed given our small children). UP is among the finest.

I find it difficult to rank a favorite. The Incredibles paid homage to the superhero genre while adding to it. Finding Nemo makes me tear up a little, every time. A Bug's Life includes that hilarious fat caterpillar. They all have something to recommend.

The first 20 minutes of UP were perfect storytelling. We were a 2 year-old, 4 year-old, 5 year-old, and 4 adults. Everyone was delighted, laughed out loud, and had a wonderful time. I can't say enough good about it.


Bart said...

Thanks for the tip. Did you see Bolt? I have heard mixed reviews.

Jlowryjr said...

I liked it. The kids loved it, and the first 15 minutes were great for me.
Touching ending too.