05 June 2009

SPOTD #154

Summer is here, and we're feeling it down in F-L-A. Scroll down for more stuff, including this post on GM's demise.

Today's Phrase:
This one will be useful for this hot, hot days.

¿Dónde está la piscina?

Phonetic with emphasis on bold syllable
¿Don-day ess-tah lah pee-see-nah?

Where is the pool?

Terminator Salvation: I enjoyed it. There was some very good action, several good moments, and one great moment. In a subtle way they answered some logistical questions, but the time travel issue is one that is very messy if you think too much about it, so I didn't. Definitely several steps below Star Trek.
Taken: I loved it. Definitely in the escapist genre. Lacy was satisfied with Liam Neeson's vigilante solution and dogged determination to find his daughter. If anything it shed some light on the sex trade, undoubtedly one of the most abhorrent practices in the world. Human trafficking is a crime worthy of the death sentence.
Last Chance Harvey: This is a gentle romantic comedy, with normal people making reasonable choices. There is realistic dramtic tension, but people act like people, and not idiots, and although things are not tidied up perfectly it is satisfying and worthwhile. Good, subtle acting.

Travel Notes
We rented a cabin outside of Smoky Mountains National Park, using this company. It was fantastic. The cabin was clean and comfortable, close to the stuff we wanted to see, and we had a great time.

Most Popular lists found on various websites create interesting patterns in human behavior. Just labeling something as popular can make it so.'

A soldier in Afghanistan was in such a hurry to help his comrades defend their post that he left his tent wearing his boxers and flip-flops. Initially he was worried about whether he would be disciplined for that, but is being praised instead. A good outcome.

Border Technology
Technology is not just having an impact in far off battles, but in the work of the Department of Homeland Security. This article looks at some of things being developed on that front and others.
Fast Tracks
This article is about a robotic tank that can travel 60 mph! What is especially impressive is the system used to avoid tread throwing. The front wheel pushes out as necessary to compensate for the 14 inches of movement allowed by the suspension system. Very cool.
There are other cool inventions from the Popular Science Invention Awards.
This link is unrelated, but very cool. Check it out.

Link of the Day
Want to get paid for laying still and letting your muscles atrophy? NASA has a job for you!


Bart said...

Cool article about "the squid". I'll have to ask my buddy who works border patrol if he knows anything about it. He says he has a great job. He gets paid to play hide-and-seek!!

Jlowryjr said...

Where is he stationed?