17 June 2009


I don't know if anyone is following this, but I think Letterman has finally dealt with this appropriately. It took him awhile, but I don't think a firing is the right outcome here.

Letterman's problem is that he is not as funny as he used to be. He's a little too bitter and angry, and it shows in his humor. Not everyone will agree. I always preferred Letterman to Leno, but on those rare occasions where I actually watch the late night talk shows Conan is my choice.


Bart said...

I agreed on the Letterman over Leno, however over the past year that kind of shifted. I'm not really a big Conan fan, but have you watched Jimmy Fallon? You can tell he is just starting out, but he does a fun show. Hope he stays on for a while.

Jlowryjr said...

I saw the bit with Mark Paul Gosselar. Pretty funny.
Fortunately for him, that time period is one where he could probably be for a long time.