23 June 2009

Movie Stuff

Here is the new G.I. Joe trailer. This actually makes me want to watch it, and nothing so far has really worked for me. G.I. Joe was the toy of my youth, more so even than Transformers or He-Man.

Here is some wild renderings from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. That is going to be one trippy movie. Anyone remember how freaky the 80's TV movie was? With that crazy Jabberwocky?

Also read some advance reviews for Transformers. Decidedly mixed, which is not surprising.


Bart said...

I can't even watch the cartoon version of Alice in Wonderland (I'm not sure what happened to me as a child, that and Wizard of Oz continue to haunt me). I can't even begin to imagine what Burton will do with that. Scary.

A.J. said...

Thanks for the GI Joe post, which I shamelessly asked for a few weeks back. This trailer was much better than the first one. I think they did a better job of highlighting the characters we know and love like Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow.

Jlowryjr said...

I agree.