16 June 2009

History Repeats?

I think you can look back at most of what I've written about Obama and find that my concerns have been reasonable, with the most serious differences coming on economic issues.

I've been reading an excellent book about the Great Depression. One of the recurring points made by the author is that many initiatives that were part of the New Deal actually had a damaging effect on economic recovery. These include high taxation, arbitrary regulations, and persistent and erratic government intervention in capital markets. I'm very concerned about how the Obama administration is operating economically, and the parallels to Roosevelt's injurious economic policies.

I have issues with Obama's health plan (explained well in this Op-Ed) and I have concerns with how he proposes to pay for it. Here is a live-blog of the response of the American Medical Association to Obama's speech at their conference.

I agree with this opinion piece, which relates the real impact of these proposals on business and investment.

There is ample reason to be concerned AND to encourage a much slower process than what the Obama administration wants.

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