02 April 2009

Rose-Colored Glasses

Drudge linked to this report in the UK Daily Mail. Quentin Letts analyzes Obama's conference with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Letts is not all that kind in his estimation of Obama's performance, but he isn't overly critical either:

Allegedly the most charismatic politician in the world, Mr Obama was a disappointment. It sounded as though he had a blocked nose and so his lack of energy may have been a symptom of a cold. Jet lag, too. He probably wished he could have stayed in bed...
He spoke slowly, in a meandering manner. Some might say that he was thoughtful and professorial. Others might call his manner circuitous, even yarny.

Am I saying that he was a bore? Oh dear. I find that I possibly am.
But in a good way, arguably. He came across as a president who would consult and think thrice before bombing the smithereens out of a foreign capital.
This, comrades, can be counted progress.

I imagine Letts really feels this way, but I am flummoxed by this man's insistence at looking at everything Obama did so positively, and especially by the conclusion that he draws to Obama's potentially superior decision-making process. We've seen little to justify that optimism here.

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