05 April 2009

Obamajama (I just like how it sounds)

I wrote the other day about favorable treatment of Obama in the media. This is also manifest in the broader coverage of Obama's visit to Europe, as explained by Victor Davis Hanson:

Blair was denigrated as Bush’s poodle, although his eloquence and influence over Bush were clear to all. In contrast, Gordon Brown is embarrassingly obsequious to Obama, in a way Blair never was around Bush. And in further contrast, Obama shows an airy, polite disdain at being courted in such grubby fashion—while Bush was downright magnanimous in taking advice from Blair. Didn’t Brown get the message with the unviewable DVDs, the return of the Churchill bust, the ‘UK size of Oregon’ analogies? And will the press do a Brit “poodle” story?
There is more good stuff in Hanson's analysis, including the ideological inconsistency of many protestors and Obama's shifting of U.S. policy firmly to the left.

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