24 April 2009

Go Boldly

As the summer movie season approaches, there is one film whose prospects please me more than any other- Star Trek

I was an avid Trekkie for a long time. I'd watched almost every episode of the original series. I'd watched every episode of the Next Generation at least once, as well as all of the movies many times.

When I left for college I stopped watching regulary. I never watched more than 10 minutes of Enterprise. The magic was gone...until now.

The first glimpses of the movie were promising, but it was not until the first full-length trailer that the scale and production seemed to be truly first-rate.

This is a Variety review for the film. I haven't read anything bad about it yet. I think this will be a huge success, crossing traditional audience boundaries. Lacy will be my test. As she goes, so goes America (at least I think so).

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