31 March 2009

SPOTD #150

The first fourth of 2009 is over. ¡Que loco! And this is the 150th SPOTD. Enjoy!

Today's phrase:
Summer is just around the corner. We were trying to find someplace new to try. This phrase may be of use.

¿Dónde están las mejores playas?

Phonetic with emphasis on bold syllable:
Done-day ace-tahn lahs may-hore-ace ply-ahs.

Where are the best beaches?

No 1 Ladies
The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency is a book series that Lacy and I have enjoyed quite a bit. It has been adapted as a TV series on HBO.

-I really like the new U2 CD. If you're a fan of the band it seems like a can't-miss to me.
-The soundtrack to Slumdog Millionaire is pretty good, and I especially like the song, "Jai Ho."

Colombia & Trade
I don't think free trade is necessarily a partisan issue. I've written about our failure to pass the Free Trade Agreement with Colombia. Not much progress on that front, and it is limiting our effectiveness in the hemisphere.

Stunt Jumps
This is a great article on the physics of stunt jumping cars, seen most often in the movies. There is a short video and the reality check is interesting.

Putin Pic?
This is a photograph taken during Ronald Reagan's visit to Moscow in the 1980's. The man who took the photo now alleges that the blond man with the camera is Russian leader Vladimir Putin, then a KGB officer.
It doesn't seem conclusive, but it is an interesting scenario.

Cheap Rides
This is a $2000 car from India's Tata Motors (now the owner of Jaguar). Not everyone is excited about it. We who take such things for granted should put ourselves in this man's shoes:

I’m buying it because it gives a sense of freedom,” [Vishal] Bhatia wrote, “freedom to go to someplace in uncrumpled clothes, with my deodorant still being able to mask my body odor. But above all to see the look in my family’s eyes when they see it in person.”
Economic development and technical innovation can improve dignity. Not a bad outcome.

Link of the Day
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