01 November 2008

Today in Sports

Today has been a great day in college football. I've just watched Texas Tech's thrilling win over #1 ranked Texas. I love college football.

We'll start with my alma mater, Brigham Young. All I really know is that they won. Not having the MTN network I'm forced to rely on el Internet. Now, for the second week in a row, the game is much, much closer than I would like. But they won, Dennis Pitta is the man. Now Utah has to beat TCU and we have to beat Utah. Beyond that I don't know how they would break the tie, but Go Cougs!

I was able to watch the Miami Hurricanes play Virginia. This was an exciting game, because despite many, many Miami mistakes they were able to tie the game and win in thrilling fashion. After scoring on their first overtime posession, Lovon Ponder stripped the ball from Virginia's running back and that was the game.

Florida exacted revenge on Georgia, in the only way that really matters, on the field. Tim Tebow is some kind of player. Since losing to Ole Miss Florida has been extremely impressive. This speech, given by Tebow after the loss, was quite the statement and he has backed it up. This is an interesting look at how the game went down. Also, I read this brief preview yesterday about the game and meant to blog about how I thought the guy was wrong. You'll just have to trust me on that one.


Sportsattitude said...

Lowdogg, it is a pleasure to see you posting about college football from time to time as it is obviously we both share a passion for it. I just got done writing a bit about the Texas-Texas Tech game and it was fabulous indeed. I must tell you I feel for your inability to watch the Cougars with no MTN. I am still trying to figure out how Comcast can't seem to ante up for us to get ESPNU but Verizon can. We are having a war of sorts in the Philly area right now with Verizon (the phone company) being able to sell Fiber Optic service against the incumbent Comcast's Digital Cable service...and Verizon has been making great inroads partly because of a wider product offering. I don't want to get a dish just to get ESPNU but not having it is KILLING me...so I may have to make the move from Comcast to Verizon...although neither company wows me with their customer service capabilities. I am so pleased Randy Shannon seems to be getting things on the right track at the "U" and I wish both the "U" and "BYU" the best as Bowl time approaches.

Kira said...

Dude, I watched all three of these games (and a little of the miami game) and it was awesome. BYU's game was close but they had an awesome fourth quarter. The Gators demolished the Dawgs and Texas lost. What a perfect weekend.