04 November 2008

Reason to Smile

As a Republican I can't help but be disappointed by the outcome of tonight's election. I'm listening to John McCain deliver a classy concession speech. He did a nice job of addressing the significance of Obama's win. This is one of the best speeches I've heard him give during the whole campaign.

A concession speech should leave the losing party just as proud of their nation as they would have been had they won. "Believe in the promise and greatness of America."

A key line- "offer our next president our good will." I can and will do this. This is not to say I will give on those significant and key areas where I disagree with our President-elect. I can and will give him my goodwill.

If you haven't heard his speech, google the transcript. It is a model for graceful concessions. I am very happy to have supported Senator John McCain.

On a related note, there was an earlier shot of a tearful Jesse Jackson awaiting the big celebration in Grant Park in Chicago. In spite of strong personal feelings about his character, I am happy for him.

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Kira said...

Joe, I agree with you. John McCain gave an excellent speach and I think that it would touch anyone who read it. I wasn't supportive of him at first but like you, I am glad that I supported him in the end. I was really disappointed in the fans at his speach though. Why would you boo the next president. It was like when people at SNL booed McCain on Sat. That is so classless. Anyway, read my blog and do the survey thing. I think you will like it