04 November 2008

SPOTD #144

¡Feliz dia de las elecciones! I hope everyone had smooth voting experiences. A few weeks ago my friend was made a citizen. He voted in his first election and it reminds me of the importance of our electoral system, one lacking in Cuba, the country of my mother's birth. We are blessed in this country to have free and fair elections (notwithstanding the occasional mishaps) and I hope we take a minute to consider how important that is.

Today's phrase:
Make sure you have this one memorized before the 2010 midterm elections.

El derecho de votar es muy importante

Phonetic with emphasis on bold syllable:
Ell day-ray-cho day voe-tar ess moy eem-pore-tahn-tay.

The right to vote is very important.

More than Beer
This review of a Samuel Adams biography was very interesting, and is a book I'll need to pick up. Unlike many of the other Founding Fathers, few of his writings survived due to his desire to

The only way to fly
Nice way to go if you can get it. I wonder how many carbon offsets you'd need for that one?

Link of the Day
Looks like I should have voted for this guy instead:

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Kira said...

I should have voted for lando.

Kira said...
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