23 March 2007


Anyone who is a fan of American Idol will remember Elliot Yamin from Season 5. He was not the most photogenic contestant that season, but in my opinion he was the best singer. I'm not alone in that sentiment, and so I imagine that some of you will be interested to know that he has an album out. Here is the video:

I don't think the video is a good representation of the record. I downloaded it today from iTunes and it isn't bad. This definitely isn't the best song on it.

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Lillie said...

How 'bout those venires? That's one pearly white smile he didn't have before. I LOVE this kid. He was totally my favorite... and I think his look is perfect for music... way cuter than that cheeseball Ace they always made out to be so hot. Kind of miss the crooked teeth to be honest.