06 March 2007

SPOTD E-mail on the Web (#119)

Not much is new, aside from this brand-spanking new SPOTD e-mail. The SPOTD is also available at the SPOTD blog, along with other quality content. I update it pretty frequently these days. I update the SPOTD website and Right Wing Pundit much less frequently.

You might notice a few links on the sidebar to Lillie (sister-in-law) and Chris & Rachelle (brother & sis-in-law). Of special importance- Lacy, the SPOTD-wife, has started a blog of her very own- http://lacylowry.blogspot.com. You can read the title if you visit the site (I came up with the title, but she was definitely the inspiration).

Today's phrase:
From Ludwig Von Beethoven. An interesting thought.

El único símbolo de superioridad que conozco es la bondad.

Phonetic with emphasis on bold syllable:
Ell oo-nee-coe seem-bow-low day sue-pore-ee-dahd kay cone-oze-coe ace lah bone-dahd.

I do not recognize any sign of superiority but kindness.

I'm excited by the coming Transformers movie. Together with GI Joe, it was the favorite toy and cartoon of my youth (He-Man in 3rd place). Now there is news that a GI Joe movie is in the works! This is a big deal. Snake Eyes was the man.
Music & Lyrics: This was a pretty good chick flick. I enjoyed it, and it was worth watching if only for the music video. You can see it below.
Pale Rider: There is a scene where Clint Eastwood's preacher character is offered bribes by a greedy mining baron. He takes a drink from his glass and gives this glare. It's a great moment. "How much is it worth to have a clear conscience?" Classic movie.

Go Canes
The University of Miami has a new football coach, Randy Shannon. I'm optimistic about his chances in the long run, and think that he'll be good for the program.

A pretty cool site, Dunkathon, with some quality videos from the past.

I chew a lot of gum. I decided to give this new brand, Stride, a try. My normal brand is Orbit. Guess what? My normal brand is still Orbit. I prefer the texture to Stride, and despite Stride's claims to be "ridiculously long-lasting" there isn't much of a difference. Orbit also tastes better.

"Jazz flute Mr. Burgundy"
In SPOTD #117 I linked to this guy, who has some real talent.
Peter and the Wolf & Sesame Street.

Link of the Day
From the aforementioned Music & Lyrics

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Lillie said...

My mom and I saw this movie in SD and I've been thinking ever since that I should see this video on your blog... it's about time! So funny! Just enough to make the movie worth watching for any non-chick-flick-loving boys. Good addition to the SPOTD.