17 March 2007

Quick Hits

These are just a few things on my mind:

  • I put some new pictures of Joseph up on my website, as well as some thoughts about what a great little kid he is.

  • I rewatched the movie Open Range when it was on AMC. That is one fine western. It was directed by Kevin Costner, was somewhat successful and generally well-received by critics. The cinematography is great. The interaction between Costner and Robert Duvall seems true to what those kind of men would be like, and the final gun battle is ugly, long, and as real as I imagine I've seen.

  • Here are some photos of our new house. We're pretty excited about it, and especially about the backyard. It is larger than we intially expected it to be, and it should be a great place for Joseph to play, especially as it is fenced in. And as Joseph gets bigger, there's always the old summer classic, the Slip'n'Slide.


rachelle said...

The house is looking so great. I can't wait to see it.

Lillie said...

The backyard really is big! Hurray, and just in time for summer. Oh wait... it's kind of backwards for you there like it is for us huh? Well still. Good luck, Ross has to deal with me always wanting big backyard toys for her.

The house looks so great. THANKYOU for posting pictures.