28 March 2007

SPOTD E-mail on the Web (#121)

Hola. I hope that everyone is doing well. First and foremost I would point your attention to the Spanish Phrase of the Day blog, where you will find, not one, but TWO excellent videos of Joseph III. The first is my favorite, but I happen to like them both.

This is a good edition. ¡Mucha información!

Today's phrase:
From Confucious

Algún dinero evita preocupaciones; mucho, las atrae.

Phonetic with emphasis on bold syllable:
Ahl-goon dee-nair-oh ay-vee-tah pray-ah-coo-pah-syown-ace; moo-choe lahs ah-tra-ay.

Some money limits worries; much attracts it.

Good quote, but I'll still take the dinero.

Blog Recap
Just a review of some of the things that I have talked about lately on the Spanish Phrase of the Day blog.
-I showed some photos of my new house and praised the film Open Range.
-I attacked the Gore version of Global Warming as a dangerous ideology
-I posted a very funny, short video on the Walkie-Talkie
-Elliot Yamin of American Idol has a new album out. The video can be seen on the blog. It really is a good CD.
-Cuba's leaders are hypocrites- Go figure.
There are also new posts on Right Wing Pundit to please (or enrage) the politically minded.

The cover art for the next and final Harry Potter book has been released. It will be a big seller (no surprise) and with each of the principal stars signed through the seventh film, it will be a big movie too.
American Idol: I don't know what the deal is with Sanjaya. It's time for him to go home, but we must suffer through another week.
Lacy and I watched Fun with Dick & Jane. It was amusing and it helped that we had low expectations for it.

Funny Tax Deductions
Why not? The deadline is around the corner- maybe you can incorporate some of these nifty ideas.

Gym Class Heroes
I'm always a fan of the insertion of rap in a "non-rap" song (see my appearance in the 2002 smash hit Poision by Anonymous) and the song Cupid's Chokehold by the above-named band is pretty catchy. The lyrics are interesting (you can see and hear the video on their MySpace page) and I think it is saying that his girlfirend really isn't that great? If you can clarify, let me know. Catchy little ditty.

Sweep the Leg
This is the video of a song by that title, and it actually stars a lot of the cast of the original Karate Kid, including Ralph Macchio and Billy Zabka and the body bag guy. As an added bonus, Mr. Belding makes an appearance. It's an interesting bit of work, but I'd skip it if you're not a fan or if you're offended by a speedo-wearing rollerblader and an exploding Cobra.

This is one of the funniest columns by Eric Snider that I have ever read. Remember, it's satire.

Link of the Day
I think that 30 Rock is one of the funniest shows on TV. It is excellent satire, and although there is sometimes a liberal bent to it, it is so funny that I don't mind.
That is pretty direct humor.

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Lillie said...

You heard about the "vote for the worst website" right? That explains Sanjaya. Also, Howard Stern's (yuck) girlfriend was on the View and said that he has all his fans voting for Sanjaya as a joke. I don't know if the two are connected or not. Kind of scary... what if he won?