16 March 2007

SPOTD E-mail on the Web (#120)

This edition is a short one.

Today's phrase:
From Napoleon Bonaparte:

Con constancia y tenacidad se obtiene lo que se desea; la palabra imposible no tiene significado.

Phonetic with emphasis on bold syllable:
Cone cone-stahn-see-ah ee tane-ah-see-dahd say oab-tyay-nay low kay day-say-ah; lah pah-lah-brah eem-po-see-blay no tyay-nay seeg-nee-fee-cah-doh.

With constancy and tenacity one obtains what they desire; the word impossible is without meaning.

Recapping the Blog
I thought I'd highlight a few of the items that I've posted previously here on the Spanish Phrase of the Day blog.
-Reggae covers of Radiohead are pretty awesome.
-The Chinese(?) make a pretty funny commercial
-The SPOTD NCAA tourney contest began Thursday. 19 people are participating.
-Does racism affect the overseas box office performance of black actors?
Scroll down to see more. More to come.

Travel Notes
Just some observations.
1. When you are going through security at the airport, the only things that belong in the plastic bins are laptops, cellphones and jackets. Everyone seems to think that their backpack or shoes belong in the bin, so you have one person with 3 bins and that sure helps the line move along, doesn't it?
Note: I received an e-mail from friend and reader Lisa Chau. Sometimes it is justified to have 3 bins, especially if you are a woman and have expensive shoes and handbag. I will be more compassionate from now on.
2. These days, most people have connecing flights so when the flight lands late, just assume that most everyone has somewhere to be and that waiting your turn is the right thing to do.

Stories about sick kids are hard for me to read, but this one has a good ending.

Link of the Day
If you are a fan of The Office then you must watch this little clip.

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Lillie said...

Again Joe, with your offensive video clips....

Just kidding, overall funny-- good highlight post.