27 February 2007

SPOTD E-mail on the Web (#118)

All is well in Lowryland. We are looking forward to moving into a new house in a short while. Son of SPOTD is doing well. SPOTDaughter is moving like crazy, preparing for her April arrival. The name is a secret until the birth. If anyone happens to guess the name (and you get one try and only for the first name) I will reward you with a healthy dose of respect and a bubble gum cigar.

Lots of good stuff to read. Check out Right Wing Pundit for more and check the SPOTD blog every few days for more cool stuff.

Today's phrase:
From Aristóteles (Aristotle)

El castigo del embustero es no ser creído aún cuando diga la verdad.

Phonetic with emphasis on bold syllable:
Ell cass-tee-go dale aim-boo-stair-oh ess no sare cray-eeh-doe ah-oon cwan-do dee-gah lah vair-dahd.

The punishment of the liar is to not be believed even when telling the truth.

Thanks to Justino Palmer for the link. Former BYU quarterback John Beck made a strong showing at the NFL combine. Hopefully he will have a good draft and have a chance to show his stuff in the pros.

I thought this was interesting. It is 12 minute clip of the opening monologue of late-night talkshow host Craig Ferguson. He takes a really honest look at celebrity. I thought it was very well said and funny as well.

Mystery Guitarist
My friend Lisa Chau sent me this story. It talks about a young man whose guitar rendition of Pachabel's Canon is supposed to be quite impressive. You can review the story.
The video in question can be found here:
Would any of this be possible without the Internet? Without sites like YouTube? I don't think so. The kid would have wowed his family and friends, but now millions have seen this. It just seems to be a small part of the larger trend toward user-directed entertainment. If I want to see a laughing baby, I enter a search. You can find almost anything. This is the way of the future. My videos of Joseph have been seen hundreds of times.

Circumcision may drasticly reduce the risk of AIDS transmission. When I first heard about these studies, conducted in Africa, I assumed that circumcision had an impact for cultural or social reasons, but there is an actual biological reason. Read the story for more details.

Glamour of Flight
Recent troubles in the Airline industry can make you nostalgic for the old days. Some of us never saw days like the ones in these photos.

Link of the Day
Ever seen an exploding whale? Tried to blow one up? It isn't as easy as it seems. Thanks to Joey Miller for the link.


Lillie said...

Olivia, wait- Camilla, no, Elle, Layla, Lila-- Betty? Gladys?

Am I warm?

Good SPOTD- I want to hear that guitarist but I've got to figure out how to get it to play on my computer.

Lillie said...

I couldn't help but notice that I am smack at the bottom of your link bar... and it's not even alphabetical. What's your excuse?! And you don't even have Lacy on there yet... come on Joe - get on it.

Lacy said...

I loved the link about exploding the whale. Very entertaining. However, I never knew you had such a thing for stewardesses, Joe. It's almost like one big sorority, isn't it?