03 February 2007

SPOTD E-mail on the Web (#116)

Another exciting edition of the SPOTD has come your way. We'll cover the Super Bowl, movies, 24, and some other intersting stuff.

I hope you'll check out Right Wing Pundit as well. I have two posts that reference the work of Michael Yon, an embedded journalist in Iraq. It is important information that you can only get from people like him.

Today's phrase:
Challenges can make you stronger, if you stand up to them.

El viento endereza el árbol después de haberlo inclinado.

Phonetic with emphasis on bold syllable:
Ell vyen-toe en-day-ray-sah ell ar-bowl dace-pwace day ah-bare-low een-clee-nah-doe.

The wind strengthens the tree after bending it.

Super Bowl
Dave Barry has a great column on how Miamians should welcome folks to town for the big game.

We saw The Guardian last night. It was a good one. I recommend it. It is especially positive in that it reminds us the work that the Coast Guard has done. Behind all the moaning about governmental failures in the wake of Katrina, no one can dispute the superb work done by the Coast Guard and the Navy.
Lacy rented Tristan & Isolde last week. I was very unenthusiastic about it, but it turned out far better than I expected. It had its frustrating moments, but that's where the drama comes from.
Catch Me if You Can was on the other day. Its a great film that is very rewatchable and convinced me that DiCaprio actually is a good actor. It took a while to forget about Titanic.

Dave Barry also has a funny blog about 24. If you like the show you will enjoy it.

High-Priced Real Estate
How would you like to live in a high-class apartment that goes for $335,000? Just one catch- its only 77 square feet. That's over $4,000 per square foot, with no heat and no electricity. Its the price of high-living.

I thought this was a very interesting look at Airparks, where people have the ability to land their plane and drive it right up to their house. Travolta lives in one just south of here, in Ocala. There is a growing trend towards this kind of thing.

Link of the Day
This was a great Super Bowl ad, done by Reebok some years ago.

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