07 February 2007

See you in a few days

Lacy and I are taking a trip to the sunny Virgin Islands, sans Joseph III. Although we will surely miss him, we haven't taken a trip like this in some time.

In the meantime, amuse yourself with this post about my brother Chris. He is an intern at a radio station and participated in a sledding contest (the snow they received in Charlotte last week was very exciting for them.

Go to Chris and Rachelle's weblog for the video and more info. Tonight is the return of Lost. Enjoy.


Lillie said...

I'm so happy you guys are there... but feel so distant knowing you won't get my comment for a few days (I'm assuming Lacy's got you on 'no internet' during the romantic trip) and definitely won't be posting. I'll miss you guys.

How's the tan Joe?

Lillie said...

I know you're back. And it's almost 11 your time. Where's the update? Maybe some pictures from the trip? It's not like you should have anything else to catch up on. ;)