15 February 2007

Comedy the Right Way

I'm pleased by this news. The co-creator of 24, Joel Surnow, is teaming with Fox News Channel to create a conservative-leaning political satire show. It will debut this Sunday at 10 pm.

In one of the articles they mentioned a prospective sketch in which will target the trend of college students wearing Che Guevara t-shirts. I'd love to see that. Most of the idiots who wear those shirts have no idea what Che was really like. He was a true communist and revolutionary, as well as a ruthless killer. In the sketch they would sell his shirts next to shirts of Mao and Hitler. Sounds about right.

I hope the show is a success. It's on my DVR list.

1 comment:

Lillie said...

I just thought it was a cute shirt...

Juuuust kiddin.

Sounds like an interesting show- I'm setting my DVR.