20 February 2007

SPOTD E-mail on the Web (#117)

Scroll down here at the SPOTD blog to hear and see the stylings of burgeoning pop star J-III. At 18 months he plays the piano and sings! It's a cute video and already a huge hit in the under-2 demographic. Trust me.

There is new political commentary at Right Wing Pundit and some new pictures on the SPOTD website also. Remember that the website and blog are in two separate places.

Today's phrase:
From Eric Portlock and his wife Sariah, who supplied me with a list of helpful Spanish idioms. Sariah es peruana (from Peru)

Nunca diga "De esta agua no beberé."

Phonetic with emphasis on bold syllable:
Noon-kah dee-ga "Day ace-stah ah-gwah no bay-bay-ray.

Don't say "I will never drink of this water."

The point is that we know not what the future holds.

Movie Update
Casino Royale: Finally saw this one. Fantastic revitalization of the Bond franchise. I was not a fan of the last film. This one was just right, but it is quite intense. I love how it doesn't rely on computer fakery to make you gasp. Good, old-fashioned action.
The Guardian: A good film, perfect for a rental, with enough laughs and emotion to please male and female.
Stranger than Fiction: A pretty amusing story. Just go along for the ride. Good performances by Will Ferrell and Maggie Gyllenhall.
Sense and Sensibility: An oldie, but a goodie. A smart man will suggest this one for date night. Follows the Pride and Prejudice rulebook (written by the same author) and it works for me.

There is a new documentary that is coming to PBS. It explores the culture of Hip-Hop in a highly critical way. It contains a lot of offensive content, which seems unavoidable given the topic, but provides an insightful examination of the inconsistencies and contradictions of the genre.

The Godfather: A brutal novel. Extremely well-written, not for the faint of heart, but it fleshes out the Godfather mythology and provides insight into that dark society. The film would not have been as good were it not for the stellar source material.
Zorro: Written by Isabel Allende (the niece of the assassinated Chilean socialist) it reimagines the origins of Zorro in a historically accurate and interesting way. She is a very good author and I have always loved the Zorro character.
Clive Cussler: His books are perfect for trips. They are quick reads, totally devoid of objectionable content, and ideal for relaxing on the beach or a rainy day. They won't change your life, but they'll help pass the time.
Lacy enjoyed Twilight and is reading its sequel New Moon. Both are about vampires, and follow the Harry Potter young-adult-fiction-with-broad-appeal pattern. I'll probably check them out as well.

Fantastic Invention
Fans of The Office will recall a foot injury that occurred due to careless early morning bacon-frying. Such incidents are now a thing of the past.

Football Reversal
The worst decisions in NCAA football derive from commercial motives. One example was the recent rules change that affected the clock. Fortunately, and due to strong pressure from coaches, the generosity and delicious bread and cheese of the Swedes for his blazing fastball.

Link of the Day
Inspector Gadget & Beverly Hills Cop on Jazz Flute, accented with beat boxing.

Not too shabby. Actually awesome. I think I had an asthma attack just watching it.

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Is Stranger than Fiction on DVD already?