08 May 2011

For the Moms

Social media certainly has it's negative elements, including, but not limited to, oversharing of personal information. Fortunately there are days like today, Mother's Day, where the public forums are filled with heartfelt and sincere expressions of love and admiration. I have been touched many times today by what has been written about mothers and motherhood.

Motherhood is a godly responsibility. It involves selflessness and devotion, and I believe women are uniquely able to provide those qualities. My own mother has been an exemplar of such things, and I was fortunate enough to marry a woman cut from the same cloth. This is no surprise given how wonderful her mother is. I am grateful for these mothers who have blessed and continue to bless my life.


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Anonymous said...

No manual on how to be a Mom. They just do. Happy Mom's Day to all of 'em.

Lillie said...

Nice post Joe. xo